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Attorney Fabio Ortiz

From a relatively humble background Fabio Ortiz was originally born in Colombia and came as a child to the United States. Fabio Ortiz earned scholarships to UNC Chapel Hill for undergraduate studies where he majored in Political Science and International Studies. Additionally, this law firm owner received a scholarship to study international relations in Switzerland. While Mr. Ortiz received his law degree from the University of North Carolina School of Law, he also studied law in Mexico City at the Universidad IberoAmericana. Mr. Ortiz speaks French, Spanish and English and has clients from diverse backgrounds.

Fabio Ortiz focuses mainly on criminal law and has handled thousands of cases in his years of practice, from simple tickets to very serious felonies. This attorney has experience in superior court jury trials, and also in District Court. In an attempt to increase effectiveness and to try to get the best results for his clients, Mr. Ortiz focuses mainly on Wake County criminal and traffic matters.

Whether you or a loved one are facing possible increase in insurance due to a ticket, or several years in prison due to a severe felony charge, contact Fabio Ortiz today with any questions!

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Beckie Moriello

Beckie focuses her practice on helping individuals with ICE Holds throughout NC and SC. She doesn’t charge for initial consults on detained cases, and offers a realistic assessment of the chances of success before a family decides whether to proceed with her services.

Beckie has worked extensively with the Wake, Alamance, and Charlotte ICE officers, and frequently takes detained cases to the Charlotte Immigration Court in order to win her clients' freedom.

Beckie has been working with the immigrant community in NC in various capacities since 2001, both as an ESL teacher and as a legal services volunteer. When the 287g program began in Wake County in June of 2008, within 3 months she had begun helping individuals who were detained by ICE. Over the years, she has reviewed 500+ ICE Hold cases, providing accurate answers in the sea of misinformation often encountered by low-income families.

Both in and out of work, Beckie focuses on kindness and understanding. She believes that the law is a tool for promoting these ideals, and has tried to promote her own understanding by spending time in other cultures. She has spent 3 years abroad, mostly in Europe, but also two months in Kenya and one month in Beijing. She has worked in Berlin, in Barcelona, and in southern Spain.

Beckie graduated with honors from Pitzer College in Claremont CA in 2001, earned her MA in Linguistics from NCSU in 2003, and her JD from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Law in 2008. While in law school, Beckie completed over 300 hours of pro bono work, primarily with immigrants. She was site supervisor for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Project, a member of the Moot Court Craven Bench, and conducted numerous Know-Your-Rights presentations. As an attorney, she continues to supervise Know-Your-Rights presentations for immigrant groups. She has also presented on issues relating to immigrant detention at several churches and ESL classes, and welcomes such invitations to speak with new groups in either Spanish or English.

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